With Best Fitness Advice and Information

Meet your health goals and start achieving the new you today. With as little as introducing 5 new habits, Break 5 habits, and adopt 5 bonuses habits will change your life forever.

Our Best Offer

Receive world class fitness instruction
designed to help keep you lean for life!


Group training and individual workout plans increases focused to meet your health goals.

Including work-life balance in mind each workout is design with optimal time management that includes recovery blocks.

Special Diet

We work with each of our client's to incorporate their diet with lifestyle.

Diets to getting healthy is nothing more than breaking a few habits and making some new ones.

Who We Are

Certified fitness professional group actively helping one client at a time.

We are an awesome group

The Fitness Group is a consortium of fitness professionals with diverse backgrounds providing over 30 years of fitness knowledge and experience.

We specializes in Tabata Bootcamp, Spin Class, CompuTrainer Bicycle Class, Aerobics, Core Strength, Pilates and Bicycle racing training camps.

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What We Offer

Our trainers take the holistic approach to change people’s lives


Participants receive instructions on exercises education on how to achieve sustained fitness


With every class we focus on making sure you receive the needed workout for you and your goals


Backed by some of the biggest fitness certification in the industry today. We manage your training so you don’t have too.

Smart Advice

Simple advice can go a long way in losing weight to meeting you training goals

Natural Diet

Learn how to eat more and still lose weight. Natural diets are life lasting and provided you with the need healthy eating habits

Health Tips

Our trainers have access to the fitness industry best practices and educational information that they share with you

Current Class Schedule

Unique programs in small group training environment

Tabata Bootcamp

It’s a revolution in small group training that combines cutting edge High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise, sound nutrition and the latest in behavioral science. It’s FAR FROM your average bootcamp class!

This class meets online and features the stay home workout model. Workout at your own home with a certified Tabata Bootcamp instructor online. Each class is recorded so if you miss a class you can still be able to make up your workout. (requires higher band internet connection)

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CompuTrainer Classes

CompuTrainer provides the most interactive indoor group ride experience ever. Tailored for Bike racers and cyclist just trying to get or stay in shape for the winter. It has been tested to increase a cyclist's power by 20 to 30 percent. These MultiRider classes provide a new exciting technique for group bike training.

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